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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday Shopping in the Rain...

Okay, so I've decided to create a new blog.. the last one bored me after a while, but I got an early birthday present of a brand new digital camera, so that should entertain me (and hopefully you) for a while.

Today Brenda and I went shopping in the Glebe and on Bank St. We also went out for lunch out at the Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Bamboo, around the corner from me. I highly recommend it, they make some mean shrimp salad rolls.

It was rainy and gross out, but Brenda and I toughed it out and found some cool new places, including a great (and cavernous) Antique Market that I will definitely be visiting against. I took a major trip down memory lane when I saw a vintage toy barn very similar to one that I used to play with at my Great-Grandma's. Oh how much fun Monica and I had playing with that farm... Here's a pic, I think this one is similar:
I also found a great caserole dish made by LE CREUSET and matching my cast iron cookware. It's orange and will be perfect for all the cake making and caserole's that I make when I'm feeling domestic. Here's a pic of that... Geeze, you can find photo's of ANYTHING on Ebay nowadays.

So that was my day basically... Pretty fun and eventful in terms of shopping and visiting. I guess that's all for now... See you Soon!


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