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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sorry Guys, I'm still playing catch up from last weekend, we're still in vacation mode, so we've been keeping busy since returning to Ottawa. Hopefully I can get a few more posts up tonight because tomorrow we're off camping to Algonquin for a few days, and I know I'll have a lot to post about when I get back.

Ok.... So, Sunday Alain, Kelly and I took a nice long walk on the Rail Trail in Cambridge. The Rail Trail is what it sounds like, it's an old railway line that has been turned into a walking/running/cyclying trail. It runs along the Grand River from Galt to Paris and is 19 kms long. We walked 3 km each way, which may not sound like a lot, but for me, it was! I think it was good training as we are planning on doing a lot of hiking trails at Algonquin.

It's an easy walk, but pretty, as you'll see in the photos.
It was a beautiful day and Kelly even got a mini swim in this little water pool that we happened across.

She sure was happy, and hot.

Wow that's a big tongue!!


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