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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just got home from the dentist, my last appointment under my parent's insurance... oh how I will miss that insurance coverage. I had a cavity,
but it is an old filling that is loose and needs to be redone. Fortunately that will be covered as well.

Other than that things are pretty quiet... There is a new Gilmore Girls on tonight, so I'm happy about that.
Is any one else loving Rory's style this season? Does any one else even consider Rory's wardrobe?

Here is one example of a really cute jacket (which I could NEVER afford)

The jacket was made by
Elie Tahari is the ‘Liliana’ Tweed Stripe Jacket

Check out for all the cool clothes you see on your favourite TV


Also of note on TV tonight... 8th and Ocean and The Real
World: Key West (both on MTV)

Oh the beautiful people of 8th and Ocean... what troubled lives they lead


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