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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Favourite Charities Right Now...

Check out these links for some great Canadian charities:

HomeSense / Winners are partnering with the Canadian Women's Foundation for their major campaign to help stop violence against women.

The campaign has several components. To help you can:
  • Purchase a "Shelter from the Storm" t-shirt sold exclusively at Winners and HomeSense stores; nationwide for $14.99 (while supplies last).
  • Donate $1 at your local Winners and HomeSense and print your name on an “Umbrella” decal to be displayed in the store.
  • Shop ‘til it Stops: On May 10th Winners and HomeSense will be hosting “Shop ‘til it Stops”, across Canada sales event in which a percentage of the day’s sales will go to "Shelter from the Storm". Radio stations across Canada will broadcast radio-thons to share survivors’ stories and raise awareness of the issue.
May 10th seems to be a major day in the campaign so make sure to check your local radio stations or donate at any Bank of Montreal.

For more info check out:

Keep in mind that according to the Canadian Women's Foundation website:
  • Every minute of every day, a Canadian woman or child is sexually assaulted
  • Half of Canadian women (51%) have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16
  • One in four Canadian women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime
  • A minimum of 1 million children in Canada have witnessed violence against their mothers by their fathers or father figures
Those are some powerful statistics.

I'm also loving the...

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and their associated Self-Esteem Fund

There are a lot of different promotions if you go to including the chance to get a free t-shirt (after you buy 2 dove products and send them the reciept with a cheque to cover the shipping), a great real beauty commercial, contests etc. There are also a tonne of chances for you to contribute to their self esteem fund (including easy things like sending your friends the link to the commercial). All relatively painless.

I ordered my t-shirt just this afternoon and I'm very excited for it's arrival.

For the t-shirt go directly here:


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