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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Alain and I had a great time at Algonquin last week. It was cool, but not cold and although it rained a little, it didn't dampen our spirits, or even us too much.
Our first day we drove in and set up camp. We took our afternoon siesta (AKA a Nap) and then made dinner. We followed up dinner with a quick trail walk up the Lookout trail to an amazing cliff overlooking the park, it was quite a view.

The second day we slept in (we were on vacation after all!) and then had breakfast and headed out for another trail. This trail was called the Whiskey Rapids trail and was little longer, but not too long. It wound it's way around the Oxtongue River and ended at the Whiskey Rapids that were named after some logdrivers lost their barrel of whiskey in the river.
We took our time and learned about the ecology of the area from the trail guides and enjoyed wading in the river as well.

After lunch (and a siesta) we headed out to do another trail before dinner. This one was Alain's pick, but one he knew I would like as it featured an archaeological site. It was the Big Pine's trail and featured 80 huge, old growth white pine trees in amongst the rest of the forest. The trail guide taught us a lot about the white pine's and how difficult it is for the to become established in that part of the park, but also talked a lot about the history of the logging industry within the park. The archaeological site was part of an old logging camp, and although it is hard to imagine what was once there (or that 30 000 trees would be logged from the area in one season!) it was really neat to learn about an important part of Ontario's history. We hugged a few trees and enjoyed the peacefulness of the trail.

Tuesday night we stayed in at the campsite and made a killer campfire. We had spagetti for dinner and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores and basically just enjoyed the night.


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