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Monday, September 11, 2006

Tour of Parliament

When Monica was visiting we did a tour of Parliament in preparation for her Government unit at school. I hadn't done a tour since 2000 and although not a lot has changed (security definitely has!) The Library of Parliament is one major improvement that the Parliamentary Precinct has had. The last time I did the tour, the library was open. It closed shortly after and remained closed until June or July of this year. The whole time the structure was tented in white sheeting of some sort, making the ongoing restorations incredibly obvious even from the outside.

Finally, the sheeting is off and the library is open again. I have to say that it looks amazing, but, unfortunately they no longer allow you to take photos inside (they say it is for the security of the people working inside the library). It's too bad, I'd love to show you what it looks like, but this photo of the exterior (which also looks very good) will have to do.

This is photograph of the main entrance lobby from upstairs

We went up to the Peace Tower and enjoyed the fabulous view on a very clear day. I haven't included the cityscape here, but here is a view of the roof of the library.

These photos were taken as we were waiting to head up to the Peace Tower. Did you notice my hair cut? haha, I got it cut the day before.


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