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Monday, September 11, 2006

Watermelon... Sort of...
Alain is going to be SOOOO mad at me for posting one of these photos (he hates it, but in fairness, he was just putting on the sad face for the photo, and I think it's funny and cute) but they are just too cute to not post.

Alain had planted some watermelon seeds in the spring, and to our surprise and delight, one of them actually grew! We were so excited to watch the watermelon grow from a tiny quarter sized melon to this substantial basket ball sized melon throughout the month of August. We turned it often to make sure the skin didn't get bleached in the sun and really were looking forward to enjoying our homegrown watermelon. By the end of August the melon had stopped growing, so, over the long weekend we decided to go ahead and cut it open. We were hopeful, but weren't really sure what we would find. Well, the photos pretty much do the talking I think....

Obviously we were disappointed, but we tried the pale-fleshed
watermelon anyways. It pretty much tasted like a normal watermelon tastes at the edge, the white part near the skin.... Not so tasty, at least not to us. We threw it out into the garden where we figured it would compost... Kelly got to it first and ate the whole thing clean. She loved it!!! I guess for now we will have to stick to buying our watermelon.


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