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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth - Trailer

Alain and I saw this movie tonight, a $3 film at our local independent theatre that still thinks Tuesday's are cheap nights. It was the best $3 I've spent in a long time. I've attached the trailer because I truly think that everyone NEEDS to see this film. I know I get passionate about a lot of things, but this, is important.

Al Gore has done an amazing job of putting the spotlight on global warming in an understandable and affective way. This film will grab you attention and hold it. It will stun you and terrify you, and ultimately it will empower you.

I knew nothing about Al Gore, and I'll admit, way less than I should have about the impact global warming is having on the planet, but Al (I'm going to call him Al) has done a great job in creating a film that can introduce both himself and the subject to mass audiences. He goes between stops on his lecture circuit, to news footage and footage from trips across the world exploring the issue of global warming. He tracks environmental trends from the past century, as well as from the past 650,000 years. He provides scientific evidence that global warming IS happening and forces us to question why political figures are determined to have us believe it's not.

I will admit that you will probably have a hard time leaving this film and NOT liking Al... He comes across as very likable and of course there is some bias there. He's arguing his side, no if ands or buts, well... one but... IF he is over-exaggerating the real danger of global warming, I'm willing to buy into it hook-line-and-sinker. Why? How can we not? I don't think we can ever do TOO MUCH to perserve our environment. We can't recycle too much, we can't change our habits too much.

Watch the trailer... Get out there and find a screening of the movie...
If you can't find the movie, the next best thing would be checking out the associated web-page There are lots of great tips on how to lower your energy consumption and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide you produce.

I hope Al runs for president in 2008. It gives me chills to imagine what a different place this world would be had he won in 2000.


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