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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

IMAX Deep Sea and Greece: Secrets of the Past

On Saturday night Alain and I went to see two IMAX shows at the Canadian Museum of Civilization's IMAX theatre. Both were great and I thought I'd mention them here.

The first show, Deep Sea, was narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslett and explored the deepest depths of the ocean.
The movie, presented on the IMAX dome was incredibly beautiful and featured, according to the official movie description "67 different species of aquatic life...[including]...the giant Pacific Octopus and the Mantis Shrimp" as well as fish, turtles, urchins, starfish, coral, squid and jellyfish.

Under the ocean it always seems like life is technicolour, this film was no exception. From my snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef a few years back I know that this film was not retouched or enhanced, and that still amazes me.

The second film we saw was Greece: Secrets of the Past and it was also quite good. This movie focus on the archaeological and historical past of Greece and traced the development of Greek culture as it influences us today. It touched on the legend of Atlantis, the volcanic eruption that create Santorini Island and the building of the city of Athens, including the Parthenon.

I liked the archaeological focus of this film, and it reminded me of all the stuff I learned in my first year Greek archaeology and civilization courses (and of course have since forgotten). It was entertaining as well, and of course, featured the beatiful landscapes of Greece.

If you can, check out both or either of these IMAX films, they were a real visual treat!


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