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Friday, September 29, 2006

Hi All! Things are busy, as usual, which means less time for the fun stuff.

I did get out to Fort Wellington in Prescott this week though. Just in case you're wondering where Prescott is, it's almost right at the junction between the 416 heading to Ottawa and the 401 headed to Kingston, Toronto, or the rest of Southern Ontario. Prescott itself is pretty slummy, at least what we saw of it, but the Fort itself is nice.

It's a small fort, much smaller than Fort Henry, but as this was a thesis-related visit I was thrilled to see a large focus on archaeology at the fort. There were a lot of great exhibits showing how archaeology is used to tell stories about a site and as some of you may know, this is precisely what my thesis is on. It was a lucky choice, as this is the second and only other national historic site I will be studying for my thesis and I basically chose it because of its proximity to me.

Ultimately though, it ended up being and good choice and I got very excited, like a kid in a candy store!
Since it was a school related visit, most of the photos I took are not very much fun, basically I took photos of the exhibits and their captions so I could later use the information in my research. I've included a few here however: one of the main entrance, one of Alain in the Caponniere (not sure if that's how you spell it! anyways, it's a long tunnel leading to a chamber on the outside of the Fort from which to attack) and one of the blockhouse.

It was a cute little fort and as
I mentioned before, the museum displays were great. I would highly recommend it to any one who is going to be in the area (or passing by on the 401).

There was only about one other person there while we were there, so you can imagine how excited the guides were to see us! Unfortunately, Fort Wellington closes for the season tomorrow (Sept. 30) but will reopen again in the spring.


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