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Friday, April 28, 2006

Poor Ruggles.

You know, I forget sometimes that I live in a big city, but, the city always reminds you whenever you least expect it. Poor Ruggles (my car) was broken into last night when I was at the gym. There I was, doing downward facing dogs and warrior poses and Ruggles was having his passenger lock jarred open all for a lousy eight bucks. That's all that was in there, about eight dollars worth of change that I keep on-hand for big city parking. Well, it may have cost me $8 in parking change, but it also will cost me about $200 to fix the damage that they did to the lock.

I called the gym, apparently my car wasn't the only car hit last night... which doesn't make me feel any better. Of course, insurance won't cover the cost as my deductible is $300. Ah well, this is life. At least they didn't take Ruggles away from me, and at least I didn't catch them in the act....


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