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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Push for the Cure

I'm absolutely loving these cuties... Skateboarding across Canada for a great cause, and to bring awareness to all the guys out there that will be impacted by the wrath of Breast Cancer.

Meet Carlos, Benjamin, Aaron and Rob. Four regular guys who decided to skateboard across the country and raise some cash. They started on May 1st, in Halifax, and swung through Ottawa just this week. They have been doing an amazing job with promotion, their website includes articles, photos and videos from their journey. It's almost like their doing a press juncit (is that the right word) every stop of the way.

Parliment Hill was a big stop for them, they got a lot of Parliamentary support, including a letter from Steve (yes I call him Steve) Harper. Many MPs showed up to hand over their looney. That's what they want - yep, you heard it right... All they want is a LOONEY. Their hope is to raise a million, but sadly, their website says they've only made $13000, so they're a long way off and they definitely need our help.

Check out the website

and then jump to their donation site and click on the "Sponsor Our Team of Riders" Link

Come on, you know these guys deserve it, and so do the girls, ladies, women - Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends that they're skating for.


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