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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Busy Busy Busy.. The past week has been insane, so I have a lot to catch up on. I'll do my best over the next couple of days as I am also trying to get some school work done.

Last week I went to a Jazz Festival concert with my boyfriend Alain... that's right, you read that right, this is the first time I have actually specifically mentioned him on this blog, although we've been hanging out for a little while now. I know you're dying for pics, so a few will follow, just bear with me through some other stuff first. We've been doing a lot of really fun cultural things in Ottawa, and Alain has opened up my eyes (and ears etc) to many things I might not have tried on my own, the Jazz festival included.

We chose to see a studio show at the NAC (National Arts Centre) downtown featuring a Jazz trio called E.S.T from Sweden. The group includes Esbjorn Svensson (piano), Magnus Öström (drums) and Dan Berglund (bass) and actually turned out to be pretty amazing.

They perform what I like to call fusion jazz combining jazz with drum 'n' bass, electronic elements, funk rhythm, and pop and rock as well as European Classical music. The group is considered one of the most innovative jazz bands of today.

It was a small venue and the boys put on a great show.

You can learn more about E.ST at
and more about the now concluded Jazz Festival at


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