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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pumpkin Pie!

I'm running a little behind in my updates, you know how it goes, life is always busy. Last weekend however, was not too busy to enjoy stepping back in time and make pumpkin pie the good old fashioned way (Don't worry, no pet cats were harmed in the making of these pies).

Alain and I spent almost a whole day (Saturday) baking home made, from scratch, pumpkin pie. From a pumpkin and everything! No canned pumpkin was used, nor did we buy the pre-made pie shells. No-Siree.

You should understand that this was my first time making pumpkin pie, and I really had no idea how time consuming it would be. We worked slowly over the course of the day, but still, we didn't finish until nearly 9pm!

Cooking the pumpkin, rolling the dough, cooking the crust... oh my what a task. I must give a big hats off to all those Mom's out there who do this every year, in addition to a big turkey dinner with guests etc. I was pretty exhausted after just having to deal with the pies, let alone anything else!

Anyways, enough grumbling, as you can see in the last photos, they turned out great (another post will follow with us enjoying the pie). I must say that I was pretty impressed with myself for getting through the whole pie making experience in one piece.


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