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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This weekend was so much fun and I can't help but be reminded that there is sooo much to be thankful for. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and got to spend time with their loved ones and relaxing. I stayed in Ottawa as I am still in hard-core thesis mode, so I missed being with my family and visiting in Cambridge, but everyone was very understanding and I know I was missed.

Sunday Alain and I went to the Mountain Apple Orchard about half an hour away from Ottawa. We had a great time playing in the corn maze and picking our own apples. We also did a short hike on a trail that they had on the property and stocked up on fresh apple cider and some AMAZING buckwheat honey. (Have you tried buckwheat honey? If you haven't you should!)

Here are some photos of us at the beginning of the corn maze...

Here is a photo of me looking relieved at the end of the corn maze, also one of Alain celebrating us finding the exit... I must admit that I got a little scared in there... might not have made it out if Alain hadn't been there to find our way out...

Here are some photos of us picking apples at the orchard. We chose to pick the MacIntosh apples as these trees were direct descendents of the original MacIntosh trees. Although there were only windfall apples (the ones already on the ground) we pretended to pick them from the tree itself for the photos. haha..


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