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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canada Day

Sarah and Matt came down to spend Canada in the Capital with me and we had a great time enjoying the festivities downtown. We cruised Wellington Street (note all the tractors parked along Wellington for a protest) and ran into Steve (yes, Steven Harper) making his rounds on the Hill. We saw the Snowbirds and a few museums and enjoyed the fireworks in the rain. We had a lot of laughs and were thankful for a late night run to the Hasty Mart beside our hotel.

Monica came into town with a tour group that she runs on weekends, so we got to visit with her for a few hours before they headed on to Montreal and Quebec. It was a short but nice visit and we relaxed on patio in the Market and had a few drinks.

Alain joined Sarah, Matt and I in time for dinner at Tucker's Market Place (where Matt ate entirely too much meat) and more drinks before fireworks at Parliament Hill. We got a great view of the fireworks along the Ottawa River and behind the National Library and Archives.
The show was amazing, much better than last year, even thought it rained a little

We were troopers and lazed around along the river for quite a while after the show ended, meeting an interesting fellow who told us the secret to fitting 4 hippopotumus' into a Honda Civic (Don't ask... it didn't make sense even when we were a little drunk). These are some photo's of us just generally being silly.


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