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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So this is what stress feels like...

My newly developed case of insomnia means that I am up half the night tossing and turning. I guess, after all this time, I am starting to feel the stress of writing a thesis. Actually, the middle of the night isn't so bad for thesis writing - I've done 4 pages already tonight, and its only 4:48!

I think that the stress of the thesis might not be so bad if it weren't coupled with my impending move. As some of you may or may not know (although there has been no official announcement I suppose), I'm moving in with Alain and while I couldn't be happier about that, the transition period has been more than a little stressful.

It's been too much, and although I wasn't planning to move for another month or so, to try to bring some balance back into my life (and perhaps even regularly scheduled meals!) we moved up the date and I'll be there as of Friday (even if most of my stuff won't). We'll do some last minute set up stuff over the course of the weekend, and will bring Pumpkin over early next week (stay tuned for how her transition goes... I know every one is more worried about her than me! haha).

Between now and then (depending on my crazy sleep schedule) I will try to update with more posts from Thanksgiving weekend and beyond.. Sorry people, things have been just too busy for words.


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