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Friday, April 28, 2006

Avril a 'Beautiful Person'

Avril has been named as one of this years 'most beautiful people' by People magazine. I can't say I'm surprised, but it is a great pic.

I don't even want to get into the fact that the Pitt-Jolie family has been awarded the honour of being 'the most beautiful family in the world'. Clearly, People is thinking about outer beauty when they compile their list, as Angelina Jolie (aside from her charity work) the husband stealer can hardly be considered beautiful on the inside.

One key person missing from the list is Jennifer Aniston, who apparently has been featured prominently on the list since 1990! Wow, I guess we know whose side People is on!

You can check out the whole list at,19939,1184666,00.html

Poor Ruggles.

You know, I forget sometimes that I live in a big city, but, the city always reminds you whenever you least expect it. Poor Ruggles (my car) was broken into last night when I was at the gym. There I was, doing downward facing dogs and warrior poses and Ruggles was having his passenger lock jarred open all for a lousy eight bucks. That's all that was in there, about eight dollars worth of change that I keep on-hand for big city parking. Well, it may have cost me $8 in parking change, but it also will cost me about $200 to fix the damage that they did to the lock.

I called the gym, apparently my car wasn't the only car hit last night... which doesn't make me feel any better. Of course, insurance won't cover the cost as my deductible is $300. Ah well, this is life. At least they didn't take Ruggles away from me, and at least I didn't catch them in the act....

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Teddy Geiger

I'm totally addicted to the song For You I Will (Confidence) by Teddy Geiger. The kid is a cutie (and he is a kid, only 17 years old!) and has a great voice.

Not only that, but he writes his own stuff, and plays a bunch of instruments as well. That's real talent right there.

I love his eyes, and the whole geeky-tortured-artist look really works for him... He looks a little like a ruffian, but also like he just stepped out of an American Eagle ad...

Teddy has a website, where you can check out his cute new video and learn more about this up-and-coming new star.

Here are some pic's of Teddy playing various instruments in the For You I Will video. Apparently he's totally self-taught and when he met his producer for the first time handed him discs and discs featuring 65 already recorded demos that he had written and recorded himself. Someone like that definitely deserves to make it in the music industry!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Does anyone else love re-made 80's classics as much as I do? I can't help it, a modern twist on an old favourite always makes my day. Try to find a copy of The Click Five's version of I Think We're Alone Now. I heard it on the WB's new show, the Bedford Diaries tonight (which generally isn't a great show, but tonight it showed more promise), and I have to say, it's great. I got my copy from LimeWire, so it should be fairly readily available for those who care to look for it. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Favourite Charities Right Now...

Check out these links for some great Canadian charities:

HomeSense / Winners are partnering with the Canadian Women's Foundation for their major campaign to help stop violence against women.

The campaign has several components. To help you can:
  • Purchase a "Shelter from the Storm" t-shirt sold exclusively at Winners and HomeSense stores; nationwide for $14.99 (while supplies last).
  • Donate $1 at your local Winners and HomeSense and print your name on an “Umbrella” decal to be displayed in the store.
  • Shop ‘til it Stops: On May 10th Winners and HomeSense will be hosting “Shop ‘til it Stops”, across Canada sales event in which a percentage of the day’s sales will go to "Shelter from the Storm". Radio stations across Canada will broadcast radio-thons to share survivors’ stories and raise awareness of the issue.
May 10th seems to be a major day in the campaign so make sure to check your local radio stations or donate at any Bank of Montreal.

For more info check out:

Keep in mind that according to the Canadian Women's Foundation website:
  • Every minute of every day, a Canadian woman or child is sexually assaulted
  • Half of Canadian women (51%) have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16
  • One in four Canadian women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime
  • A minimum of 1 million children in Canada have witnessed violence against their mothers by their fathers or father figures
Those are some powerful statistics.

I'm also loving the...

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and their associated Self-Esteem Fund

There are a lot of different promotions if you go to including the chance to get a free t-shirt (after you buy 2 dove products and send them the reciept with a cheque to cover the shipping), a great real beauty commercial, contests etc. There are also a tonne of chances for you to contribute to their self esteem fund (including easy things like sending your friends the link to the commercial). All relatively painless.

I ordered my t-shirt just this afternoon and I'm very excited for it's arrival.

For the t-shirt go directly here:

Just got home from the dentist, my last appointment under my parent's insurance... oh how I will miss that insurance coverage. I had a cavity,
but it is an old filling that is loose and needs to be redone. Fortunately that will be covered as well.

Other than that things are pretty quiet... There is a new Gilmore Girls on tonight, so I'm happy about that.
Is any one else loving Rory's style this season? Does any one else even consider Rory's wardrobe?

Here is one example of a really cute jacket (which I could NEVER afford)

The jacket was made by
Elie Tahari is the ‘Liliana’ Tweed Stripe Jacket

Check out for all the cool clothes you see on your favourite TV


Also of note on TV tonight... 8th and Ocean and The Real
World: Key West (both on MTV)

Oh the beautiful people of 8th and Ocean... what troubled lives they lead

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Check out the Pilsbury website for DoughBoy Bloopers, create your own dancing DoughBoy and a desktop DoughBoy. Too cute!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Av and her "Over the Hedge" character... coming soon to a theatre new you. So cute...

Breaking News:

Animal Control Fighting Smurf Infestation

DENVER, CO-- The Animal Control Office is having a particularly difficult time this year with Smurfs in the mile-high city. Harsh conditions in the Fall have forced the normally reclusive blue creatures into town where they comb parks, alleys, and residents' garbage looking for mushrooms and other sources of food.

"These furry blue critters will wander into town looking for food, but many end up on the side of the road," said Animal Control Officer Geoff Sturgess. "Smurfs get hit by SUVs, trucks, or other vehicles. They just don't have any comprehension of how
dangerous a road can be."

State highway crews have no reports of numbers, but Smurf roadkills are frequent. Estimates are hard to obtain as people will often peel the lifeless Smurf corpses off of the roads and highways, and sell them to toy collectors who have them stuffed, and resell them on Ebay.

City officials are doing all they can to reduce the numbers of Smurfs roaming the city streets.

"We've been setting Smurf traps to catch them and then release them back into the wild," said officer Sturgess. "But once a Smurf gets a taste of the contents of a garbage bin at Taco Bell, he will just keep coming back. We want to get these Smurfs before they get to that sorry state."

Smurfs were first introduced into the Rocky Mountains several years ago as children abandoned their novelty Smurf "pets" imported from Belgium, when they lost their popularity. Although unconfirmed, it is said they are all descended from one Smurfette, perhaps a queen. Enough of these abandoned Smurfs survived to form simple tribes and reproduce--humping like horny blue rabbits some say--away from human civilization. But often, the fierce Colorado winters force these unusual critters to return to the cities, seeking food or their former owners.

"I thought I got rid of the thing two summers ago," said one angry father. "Little Ashley was no longer feeding her Smurf or cleaning out its cage, and I sure wasn't about to start. So I took it out--since it were too big to flush--and let it go, oh about 15 minutes past city limits. I figured the coyotes would get it for sure. I mean, they're so soft and fuzzy--not the coyotes. How could they possibly survive in the wild? Them Smurfs I mean."

"But then it showed up at our front door two weeks ago," continued the father, "with three friends. Four of these little blue Smurfs, no more than two-and-a-half apples high. I recognized Ashley's right away. It was dirtier and had an ugly scar running down it's face, but other than that it seemed pretty healthy. It asked for some food, 'foodsmurf', I think it called it. Well, I know better than to encourage that sort of thing, so I grabbed my rifle and got a few shots in. It was only rock salt, but I may have got one of them Smurfs--they were running away pretty fast."

The Animal Control Office warns people people should be careful of disposing of Smurfs, Cabbage Patch dolls, or My Little Ponies, as they tend to become attached to their owners. Other measures should be used to prevent their return.

"Cats are good at discouraging Smurfs," said Sturgess. "They have a fear of cats, and people dressed in black. I don't know why."

"I'll keep tracking these things til I'm blue in the face," continued Sturgess. "I don't hate the furry little things, but there is something unnatural about them. It wigs me out. They belong somewhere else--like Canada."

Hikers have reported hearing faint Smurf singing in the mountains, but no Smurfs have been spotted outside of the city thus far. And rumours of Chinese poachers have surfaced--the Smurfs' organs are treasured and are said to be worth a great deal on the black (and blue) markets. The city is looking into legalizing Smurf hunting, and so far there have been no objections from any activist groups.


I can't start out a brand new blog without some recent pics of cute little pumpkin... I particularly like her rolling around... the last one is a little off because I was playing with the flash on my new cam...

Saturday Shopping in the Rain...

Okay, so I've decided to create a new blog.. the last one bored me after a while, but I got an early birthday present of a brand new digital camera, so that should entertain me (and hopefully you) for a while.

Today Brenda and I went shopping in the Glebe and on Bank St. We also went out for lunch out at the Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Bamboo, around the corner from me. I highly recommend it, they make some mean shrimp salad rolls.

It was rainy and gross out, but Brenda and I toughed it out and found some cool new places, including a great (and cavernous) Antique Market that I will definitely be visiting against. I took a major trip down memory lane when I saw a vintage toy barn very similar to one that I used to play with at my Great-Grandma's. Oh how much fun Monica and I had playing with that farm... Here's a pic, I think this one is similar:
I also found a great caserole dish made by LE CREUSET and matching my cast iron cookware. It's orange and will be perfect for all the cake making and caserole's that I make when I'm feeling domestic. Here's a pic of that... Geeze, you can find photo's of ANYTHING on Ebay nowadays.

So that was my day basically... Pretty fun and eventful in terms of shopping and visiting. I guess that's all for now... See you Soon!