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Monday, July 10, 2006

Whew, it's been busy, sorry for the lack of updates....

Over the long weekend the RCMP was at home here in Ottawa putting on some pre-tour shows at their stables. Alain and I went to the Sunday show, which was surprisingly busy and enjoyed the different acts. The first hour was filled with silly exercises, involving RCMP officers and boot-camp type obstacle races, in addition to some exercises with the canine units and horse jumping. The main show includes music and the horses doing all kinds of elaborate military type formations. I found it very similar to the show put on by the Fort Henry Guard at Fort Henry, Kingston, only with horses instead of just men (and women). The formations were pretty well coreographed and the whole event was fun. It was a beautiful night, we've been lucky in Ottawa the past couple weeks weather-wise and it was definitely worth seeing.

Here are some pics of the show, although to be honest they don't really do it justice.

You can learn more about the ride at

We also stopped along the way home at Rockland Park overlooking Quebec and took some photo's of the sunset. It was a beautiful ride home on the motorcycle (did I mention Alain has a motorcycle?). It's a tonne of fun, it makes any boring old trip a real journey.


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